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Main dashboard view on all devices, of your business.
Manage your finances

Manage multiple businesses, with one sign up. Create invoices, send estimates, track payments, manage expenses and more. Client portal for your customers, makes it easier for them to view details, anytime, anywhere.

Painless Invoicing
Invoice your customers in seconds, send emails with attachments. Generate invoices from entered time and get paid faster. Faster billing means quicker payments. Accept payments online.
Professional Quotes
Create professional estimates quickly. Re-use existing template and get your clients approval, streamline your workflow. Convert estimates to invoices in a single click.
Track Expenses
Capture receipts and upload using your mobile device or desktop PC. Categorize expenses into custom categories unique to your business. Generate reports at tax season, save time.
Accept payments online using credit cards. Multiple payment gateways supported, pick one. Track payments offline, and email receipts to your clients.
Project Management

Project management software for accurate tracking and budgeting. Timesheets with approvals and time tracking for billing customers on time, quickly.

Track time accurately using multiple views and timers. Timesheets and approval option available for client or administrator. Setup reminders for missed timesheets. Auto populated timesheets for quick entry.
Projects & Tasks
Manage your projects in one place. Assign team to projects and tasks. Measure progress against deadlines and budget. Always know the health of your projects at anytime.

Manage your clients and vendors in one place. Import your clients from a spreadsheet. Client data view for quick data analysis for your customers. Client Portal so your customers can view their data, exclusively.

Clients & Vendors
Store client, vendor or contact information in one place. View customer details along with invoices, projects, estimates and expenses. Client Portal for viewing historical data, invoices, estimates and approvals.
Manage your staff details. Assign users to clients and setup default billing rate(s) for each. Automate your business , save time and money.

Reports and graphs provide a quick overview of your business and help you stay a step ahead and project accurately. Compare and analyse your progress over time. Multiple reporting options to help you get your data.

Choose from several reporting options to generate documents for use at any time. Reports allow you to extract data at any time for viewing with your staff or accountant.
Graphs and charts for quick analysis of your business. A picture is worth a thousand words, visual analysis helps you determine the health of your business quickly.

Strong security measures and world class infrastructure to help protect your data. Reliable policies and procedures in place to retain your data in case of a disaster.

Secure Socket Layer
SSL certificates are used for transmitting data between your device and the server. 256 Bit encryption ensures your data is secure even to the most prying eyes.
Amazon Web Services
Our software is hosted at Amazon Web Services, a world class setup that offers security and reliability. We leverage their expertise and provide you the same setup to power your business.
Data Encryption
We know your data is the lifeline of your business and we protect it using strong encryption mechanisms and ensure that hackers cannot guess the data that is being transferred or viewed.
Data backup
Our data backup policy ensures that your data is safe and recoverable in the event of a disaster. Daily backups and retention policy of upto 3 days allows us to recover your data, quickly.